Sailors Special

Price per person

Comfort Single Roomfrom 248 €
Comfort Double Roomfrom 170 €
Junior Suitefrom 180 €
Suitefrom 190 €
Apartmentfrom 176 €
Superior Double Roomfrom 176 €
Superior Junior Suitefrom 190 €
Superior Suitefrom 210 €
Deluxe Suitefrom 265 €

Sailing in the footsteps of sailors

Far up in the north of Germany, where the Weser River empties into the North Sea, lies Germany’s largest city on its north coast: Bremerhaven. The city is one of the busiest European port cities with many overseas sailing and has also been named the “City of Science” since 2005. A palpable maritime atmosphere is combined with rich experiences and a commitment to knowledge, a wide variety of fish species and exciting stories of seafaring.
The following services are included in this package: